jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

Viviendas en Tricase, concurso abitarECOstruire

Housing in Tricase, Italy. AbitarECOstruire competition. Second prize.

ME-WE (io-Noi)

Can sustainibility deal with individuality?

How can we generate a sustainable community in a low density area?

We can no longer understand houses as isolated elements in terms of energy, water, reciclyng,...

The project must generate a community: a group of singular houses that function as a a system, as a network

But, at the same time, each house should have its individuality: its own characteristics, resulting from the needings of the people living in it.

Main Purposes for the sustainable housing

Houses base their sustainability in their flexibility, the multiple choice spaces become true by bringing together into the technical wall all services and storage. besidesflexibility in uderstood in different ways:

flexibility 1 - spaces can change of use

flexibility 2 - houses can grow in different ways

flexibility 3 - a same structure can give different configurations

flexibility4- houses that are more flexible are more sustainable, have a longer life, reduce costs in construction and refurbishments.


reciclyng 1 - all process and energy production are integrated in the houses, making their inhabitants conscious of their way of living.

reciclyng 2 - a small part of the technical wall houses a place for making compost that can be used for the garden.

Energy saving

The aim is to control sun radiation y critic facades and to give importance to simple ways of meke confortable a house, such us cross ventilation, natural lighting, and contact to nature and open spaces. sun protection, insulation and ventilation systems reduce energy consumption at houses, air conditioning is not necessary.

viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Últimas noticias: Segundo Premio en el Concurso AbitarECOstruire de Tricase, Italia

Acabamos de saber que hemos conseguido el Segundo Premio en el Concurso Italiano AbitarECOstruire en Tricase, con nuestra propuesta que titulamos Me-We (o en italiano Io-Noi).
Aquí está el link con el fallo del jurado. Y de momento podéis ver nuestra propuesta en la web del concurso.