miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

Europan 9 Moudon (CH) Honorable Mention

We have been awarded with a Honorable Mention for our proposal for Europan 9 in Moudon, Switzerland. These are a few images from our project.

Authors: Francisco Blanco, David Delgado, Jaime Eizaguirre, Cristina Jiménez, Ana López
"The main strategy is based on a multifunctional and versatile restructuring element which sets new levels of communication and relationship up: the Spine.
Main purposes: completion of the urban center by controlling the transformation of industrial usage into special promotion of new dwellings and work spaces; the requalifying of degraded spaces; to take advantage of the spaces of opportunity; progressive removal of heavy industry and boosting of light industry by means of tertiary use and commercial equipment; the landmarks and the background of the city turn into the main characters of both vehicle and pedestrian routes."

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008

UNIQLO t-shirt contest UTGP - camiseta seleccionada

Ésta es la camiseta que presentamos al concurso de UNIQLO y fue seleccionada en la primera fase del concurso entre 13.000 diseños presentados.
This is the t-shirt we designed and was selected in the first phase of the UTGP UNIQLO contest.